Autofun VDM EX4 HD

Autofun VDM EX4 HD is unique multi layered vibration dampening material that is made using “sandwich” technology.




Unique multi layered vibration dampening material that is made using “sandwich” technology. This sound deadening material possesses one of the best adhesive, firmness and vibration absorption properties among the alternative products available in the market. Further benefit lies in the design of the product that makes it easy to install. The product is very firm and durable due to multi layers structure and multi thermal treatment foil during production. This makes this product ideal for such areas as floor panel, wheel arches and others that are subject to excessive vibration.


High quality multilayer material, which combines several layers of aluminium foil, high and ultralight mastic composition with improved adhesion layer, is the ultimate solution for combating the vibration problem in wide frequency and temperature ranges. It also comes in handy when dealing with elevated temperatures. The material consists of two layers of aluminum foil with ultralight mastic composition between them, as well as the main mastic composition with improved adhesion qualities.


Use for installation on boot lid, wheel arches, firewall and floor. The material is installed at dry clean painted metal surface. Temperature in workroom must be plus 18-30°С. Material is released from antiadhesive paper and is pressed carefully to work surface, avoiding formation of bubbles. Do not install material on the dirty and on the corroded metal surface.


Products stored in a room at a temperature no higher than +40°C in the horizontal position on a flat surface at a distance of not less than 1 meter from the heating system in the conditions excluding moisture, oils and direct sunlight, stacked no more than 1 meter in height.